Nov 16, 2011

Limes T-Shirts!

About a month ago, Kelsey and I decided that we wanted to do something special for the Limes kids.  So we did a little online research and ended up designing some Limes t-shirts for all the kids and volunteers!  We had them shipped to an SO named Amber who came to visit this week.  She packed all 80 shirts in her suitcase (and my new camera), what a trooper! And we are so thankful.  We handed out the shirts to the kids today and spent most of the afternoon taking pictures and playing games.  They were absolutely thrilled to get these new shirts.  I doubt that most of these kids ever get anything other than absolute necessities (and sometimes not even that).  It was nice to give them something that they don't necessarily need, but is more for fun.  I know that on random days, I'm going to see little kids walking around Grenada in their bright lime green shirts and it will put a huge smile on my face everytime.  It was a great afternoon.

Kelsey and I

Limes After School Program!
Lots is going on in the Limes Program.  Our newest undertaking is the possibility of building a structure that we could use daily at one of the preschools across the field.  We have to come up with the funds and stuff, but it would be amazing to have our own Limes building.  It would create much more structure for the kids and would keep out some of the distractions that come from many local adult males that always seem to want to harass us on a daily basis.  Keep the prayers coming that we can get this moving along.  I am nervous because Kelsey is leaving the island in December for good and I desperately want to be able to keep the program moving forward.  I want to continue to make as much of an impact on these children as I can for the remainder of our time on this little island.  And leaving a building for them to use would certainly be very lasting.

For now, I will be happy with the things we have already been able to do and accomplish with these kids and thankful for the opportunity I have had to be involved in their lives.