Aug 12, 2011

more fun in the SUN

There have been a lot of new faces around Grenada this past week with all the new students coming in.  Since we weren't actually in Grenada at this time last year, I don't know what the "norm" is.  But Kelsey tells me that the SO involvement is absurdly high this term, which I happen to think is just GREAT!  I also officially took a position on the SO Board as co-volunteer coordinator with Kelsey.  She has been volunteer coordinator for awhile now, so I will basically be following her lead.  There are board meetings every week and as volunteer coordinators we will be heading up the Limes Program for local school children which you can read about HERE, as well as other things. I'm excited to have something that I'm doing on a regular basis.

I've been making lots of new friends, which has been great.  Especially since I can already tell that 4th term is going to be every bit as hard and time consuming as they say.  Josh has been studying all day every day and it's only the first week!  Earlier in the week, we took a little walk to the lookout point at the end of Lance aux Epines Road with our new friends Laura, Mike, Nicole, and John.  It has a beautiful view of True Blue Bay, even though the drop off the point is a little scary.

Laura, Nicole, and I
I also took a little girls trip to Grand Anse for some snorkeling last week.  I found a number of sand dollars and saw lots of cool fish.  Kelsey even found a live starfish!

 And today, I spent some more time at Grand Anse.  Only this time I didn't snorkel.
This is Grenada...and I can't complain.

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  1. Love it and so glad I have met and made such a great friend!! Don't know what I would do without you!! Thanks Stephanie!!