Aug 30, 2011

Tortoise Racing

Last night, a few of the SO's went to the Owl Restaurant in Grand Anse to watch the crab races that happen every Monday night around 9:00pm.  Soon after our arrival, it was announced that the crabs had all escaped earlier in the day and there was not enough time to get new ones.  So tortoise racing it was!

I was actually really thrilled to have it be tortoise racing last night.  In my family, we raise Desert Tortoises.  At my parents house, there are probably 30+ tortoises in the backyard at any given time ranging from very small to rather large.
Daddy Mike and one of his MANY babies.
The girls were all surprised at how willing I was to handle the tortoises.  I looked them up and they are Grenada Island Red Footed Tortoises.  They are originally from South America but were brought to the Carribean islands at some point or another.  They had little red spots on their legs, but were simliar in size to the Desert Tortoise.

This little guy didn't win. But still super cute!
There were four races and I placed bets on two of them.   But apparently my tortoise knowledge didn't pay off considering none of my choices won!  Don't worry guys, only 3 E.C. per bet which is like $1.00 US.
Bim, Bam, & Bem

And then things got a little crazy.  One of the tortoises forgot what he was racing for.
Of course this was nothing I haven't seen before in my own backyard!

Laura, Me, Rachel, Myra, and Kat

We had such a fun night.  I will definitely be going again soon so that I can see the crab races as well! Maybe I'll even get lucky and pick the winner next time!

In other news, my Sister-In-Law Kristin and her boyfriend Brandon arrive in Grenada tonight for a week of fun in the sun with Josh and I me! Yay!!!

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  1. Haha my roommates literally thought I/my family was crazy when I told them my mom breeds tortoises. They quite enjoyed this post as did I. Looks like fun! Miss you sister!