Aug 17, 2011

Welcome Back Bazaar!

On Sunday afternoon, SGU had their annual "Welcome Back Bazaar."  It's an event held so that all of the different clubs and organizations can advertise to the new students, but there was also lots of food and entertainment provided as well. 

As a board member of the Significant Others Organization (SOO), I was asked to work at the SO booth for an hour or so.  The purpose of our booth was to inform new SO's of the social, family, and volunteer activities available to everyone each term as well as collect dues and answer any and all questions that a new SO might have.

The SOO had a great turnout of new SO's interested in being active members.  And it was a good chance for me to meet some new faces here on the island.  I think in total, the SOO has about 130-140 SO's listed on our contact sheet.  Not all of them are active members, but that's a lot of SO's don't you think?!? 

The SO Booth

Sarah (SO Treasurer) and I

Kelsey and I (Co-Volunteer Coordinators)

Me and Laura (Social Coordinator)
I encourage any new SO's to the island (male or female) and even any SO's that have been here for awhile to get involved with the SOO.  You don't have to be a board member or go to EVERY event.  Just come out for some of the things.  It makes this whole medical school process easier when you are surrounded by people who are in the exact same situation as you.  It's a community and we'd love to have you in it! 


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