Aug 8, 2011

The Start of a New Term

Tomorrow Josh begins the dreaded Term 4.   From the moment he became an SGU student, we've been hearing about this terrible term.  The hardest term for most students here at SGU, or so we've been told.  Apparently the classes will be some of the toughest he's faced since the beginning of school, and he will have no time.  Which means I will be basically husbandless for the next four months.  Good thing there are so many new SO's on the island to hang out with!  My friend Kelsey and her husband already went through this last term.  If you want an idea of what I am talking about, read HERE.  But at least we've been warned right? 

We had planned to spend the night before the start of this term going out to dinner at Umbrellas, one of our favorite spots.  But due to Carnival (a Caribbean island holiday weekend), Umbrellas, along with just about every other restaurant on the island was closed.  So, we made our way to campus to the 24 hour bagel place for bagel sandwiches and Skittles from the convenience store.  We're living the high life I tell ya.   But I can't complain.  The bagel was good and the Skittles hit the spot. 

And since we were on campus just as the sun was getting ready to set, we took a walk to the backside of campus to watch it go down and grab some pictures.  It's not a bad place to catch a sunset on this island. 

Pretty stunning right?!?

Oh! And this one was from earlier in the weekend.

So here's to the start of Term 4.  May Josh and I get through it alive without killing each other!

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  1. You'll survive 4th term, I promise, because Andy did, and he even managed to talk to me via Skype and I did visit him. Study hard and BE POSITIVE. Good luck.