Aug 6, 2011

A Forever Friend

When beginning this adventure into the foregin medical school world, I knew that one of the hardest parts of being away from home would be not having any friends near us.  At the start of school in England last August, I could only hope that I would meet a few girls that I could get to know and connect with on ANY sort of level.  And I did. I met a handful of fellow SO's who have become great friends whom I love dearly. 

In January, I was connected up with a girl that was coming to Newcastle.  She emailed me asking all kinds of questions like "Where do we bank? Where should we live?  Are the grocery stores normal?  What about converters?  How busy will my fiance be?"  I answered all of her questions and she continued to ask more and more.  The emails went back and forth until January when she moved with her fiance to Newcastle. 

Being the outgoing and talkative person that I am, I basically forced her to be my friend once she got to the UK.  :)  They lived just down the street from Josh and I and I met her face to face and kept asking her to do things with me.  After just a few weeks, a real friendship began to form.  Soon we were spending most days together, whether it was taking a walk in Jesmond Dene, heading into City Center to do errands, getting lunch, grocery shopping, or making up a bootcamp workout and having lunch at the park on sunny days, we were always together.

Josh and I even took a trip with them at the end of term to Ibiza, Spain.  And while we were home in CA for the break, they came to visit us in Bakersfield since they live only an hour away in Valencia.  She is heading back to the UK this month since her fiance has his second term starting next week.  We won't see them again until January when they join us in Grenada.  And. I. Can't. Wait.

I knew well before I left the UK in May that I had made a forever friend.  A girl that no matter the distance, I would continue to talk to and keep up with.  It sounds like a long distance relationship huh?!?  Well, I guess it kind of is.  We have continued to talk regularly through Facebook and Skype since I got to Grenada.

This past week, a package arrived for me from her.  A sweet note told me to open the present wrapped inside.  And here's what was inside.

My forever friend Julie asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next July.  I was shocked, thrilled, and honored all at the same time.  I am SO excited to be a part of her and Kevin's special day.

It's not often that you make good friends like this, especially once out of college.  But I think Julie and I were meant to find each other.  God put us in the same place at the same time because He knew we needed each other.  I love this girl very much.


  1. Um are you trying to make me sad. Im teary eyed and now I miss you even more!!!!! I am so excited to have you be apart of our special day. I can't wait! Love you friend.

  2. Laugh and cry, laugh and cry! That's what your posts make me do! Love your blogs, sweetie!

    I can attest to the fact that Julie changed your life. Before Julie arrived in Newcastle, you and I talked almost every day. Shortly after the two of you met, you didn't need me as much anymore. What a blessing your friendship has been! I love you, too, Julie!

    As always,

  3. you guys are two peas in a pod :) I love it!

  4. awwww mama Fairman, you are sweet, I love you and your daughter!