Nov 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

Another Halloween come and gone.  Can anyone really believe it's November already?!?!

Halloween  has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Perhaps it's because it falls so close to my birthday but also because I have so many childhood memories of my Mom hand-making costumes for each of us kids.  There was always so much anticipation in regards to our costumes and she never did disappoint.  If you think I'm a decent seamstress then you haven't met my Mom.  She puts me to shame.  It should come as no surprise that she's now made two of Ryan's three Halloween costumes over the years.

As usual, I'm not exactly sure when I decided that I wanted Ryan to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween, but once I got it in my head, I went full force and asked Grammy to make her a costume. Sure, there are plenty of Little Red costumes out there for girls, but I envisioned a beautiful red cape with lace and a matching dress and I just had to have a handmade one.  We picked out materials while she was here in September for Rory's arrival and she took the stuff back to California to make it. Mom did a FANTASTIC job of making my vision come to life.  I was a tad concerned that Ryan wouldn't want to wear the cape and hood but she actually loved it and every time the hood fell off she said "My hood come off!"

Of course, I wanted Rory to match Ryan and so Rory was the Little Bad Wolf.  Poor girl had to be a wolf for her first Halloween, but she was the cutest little wolf you ever did see!

The girls had a couple of opportunities to wear their costumes in the last few weeks including a costume 2nd birthday party for our friend Bella, a trunk-or-treat through our Mom's Club, and of course, Halloween.

On Halloween, we carved pumpkins, which Ryan was surprisingly uninterested in.  She must take after her Dad in that respect, I'll have to work on her for next year.  I had lofty goals of getting a great shot of Rory sitting in a pumpkin like I did on Ryan's first Halloween, however, she was NOT a fan of the pumpkin.  Though it's possible the pictures are just as priceless.

Josh had to work Halloween night, so I took Ryan trick-or-treating around our little neighborhood.  She took to it very quickly and was so cute going door to door collecting treats.  Thankfully, she hasn't completely realized that what she was getting from every house was candy and so I got to pick through it myself.  I'm sure this won't be the case next year.

We had such a great Halloween and it is getting so fun to have children who are at the age to actually understand holidays and really enjoy them.  Now on to Thanksgiving!

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