Nov 4, 2015

Rory Louise: 2 Months

Miss Rory Lou became a big two month old the other day.  It seems crazy to me that she is already two months old.  I swear time moves even faster the second time around and yet it's now getting hard to remember what life was like before she was here.  She had her two month doctor appointment where she weighed in at 11 lbs 5 oz (67%ile) and was 23.5 inches long (98%ile!).  Apparently we are going to have a long and lean little thing.  When you look at her, she seems to be all limbs...and HAIR!  It's so strange to have a baby with hair when Ryan was so bald for so long, but we aren't complaining!  Her hair seriously has a mind of it's own.

So far, it seems to be true what they say, babies are SO different.  Rory is the polar opposite of Ryan in a lot of ways. She is a great sleeper both at night, waking only twice a night since birth and lately going 8 hours before a feeding and during the day.  I can put her in the carseat and have her sleep for 3-4 hours while out running errands without so much as a peep from her the entire time.  She really dislikes the pacifier which Ryan was a huge fan of from day 1.  And lately, she's been refusing the bottle as well.  This does give me anxiety as there will be times when I have to be away from her for more than a few hours, but we are working on it.

She has a "witching hour(s)" from 6pm to bedtime (8pm) which slowly seems to be getting more manageable.  Most days Josh only sees her during this time of day and he swore she had to be the unhappiest baby alive.  The fussiness and screaming has lead me to a nightly glass of wine in order to deal with it!  Thankfully, it doesn't seem to bother Ryan one bit!  However, she is a pretty content baby at all other times of the day, giving me beautiful smiles and a few coos here and there.  Overall, she's happy to sit in the bouncy chair or lay on the floor and watch big sis Ry try to shove play food into her mouth.

She sucks on her hands a lot and is a HUGE fan of bath time which I've done nightly during her screaming sessions in order to calm her down.  She loves to be held, especially facing out to the world so she can see what's going on.  Ryan hated to be swaddled while Rory sleeps best swaddled with one arm out. She's still in our room in a pack-n-play but we'll be looking to transfer her into her own room and crib in the next few months.

This month has been full of visitors as she got to meet her Aunties Rachel, Anna, and Adrienne this month as well as her Uncle Bert and Grandma Lala.  She is a sweet sweet girl and in my opinion, a very pretty baby.  We just can't imagine life without Little Sis.  We love you Rory Lou!

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