Nov 11, 2015

Family of Four

We finally got around to taking our first official family of four photos a few weeks ago.  I had debated doing them in conjunction with Rory's newborn photos but decided I'd rather have some pictures when I was a bit further out from delivery.  We've been so blessed in that we found an amazing photographer here in Massachusetts who not only did Rory's newborn pictures, but our family photos last year and this year too!  Emily is amazing and I'd recommend her to anyone looking for quality pictures, a great turn around time, and she's super sweet and easy to work with too!

Now, in regards to family pictures with two kids.....

You will undoubtedly have at least one child melting down at all moments.

If one of those children is around the age of 2, she will not care whether you bribe her with candy, ice-cream, kisses, or magical unicorns that sparkle, posing for pictures is absolutely not happening.

The day you schedule to take pictures will end up being the coldest day of the year so far.

You will spend at least 75% of the session chasing after said 2 year old trying to get her to take one group picture.

Your husband will complain that he's over it and you will wonder when it was that you became a Mom to THREE children.

You will question why you decided to put your two month old in white and will be praying the entire time that she doesn't "blow out" her outfit.

You have no idea what YOU looked like in pictures because the whole time you were worrying about what your kids looked like.

You wonder how it's possible that this photo session is only 45 minutes long because it feels like 4 days!

You seriously consider saying to hell with it all and just having a Christmas card picture where everyone is crying #therealmomlife.

But somehow, in the midst of all the chaos, you get a few GREAT shots and it makes it completely and totally worth it. :)

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