Nov 6, 2015

Sibling Visit

We've had lots of visitors during the last few weeks which we always welcome with open arms.  When you have more than one child, an extra adult (or four) goes a long way in improving one's sanity!

All three of my younger siblings and my sister-in-law made the trip out to Massachusetts for a week in late October.  Bert, Rachel, Anna, and Adrienne all got to meet Rory for the first time and be endlessly entertained by Ryan's antics.  All four of them stayed at our house and at first I was a bit worried that it would seem crowded and uncomfortable and while it was definitely a full house, we had a great time.  Ryan would wake up in the morning and come downstairs to a living room full of bodies and say "Hi guys!"  Which I'm sure they totally appreciated at 6:30 AM.  She called her Uncle Bert, "Duncle Bob" and by the end of the week "Duncle Burp."  Anna was referred to as "Amy" the entire week, eventually she said Rachel the day before they left and Adrienne never did get an exact name!  But I tell you, Ryan certainly misses bossing around her adult playmates!

They watched the girls while I went to a dentist appointment, helped me take them both to the pediatrician for shots, played endlessly with Ryan, and helped console Rory during every evenings "witching hour."  They were all such a huge help to me and I tell you what, there is nothing better than watching your siblings love to love on your children.  Ryan and Rory are so blessed to have so many amazing Uncles and Aunties.

We did take a trip into Boston and got to enjoy some brisk but sunny weather.  I stayed with the girls for the day and the rest of them stayed a night in Boston and got to go out on the town as well as travel to Salem the next day.  At least they got to have some fun kid free moments while here in Massachusetts!

They also threw me a little 30th birthday party which was so sweet and thoughtful of them.  They may have thought it was somewhat silly but I appreciated it none the less.  I truly am so blessed.

Hopefully we didn't scare them away with our handful of kids!  Because I certainly would love to have them come visit us again, you know, cause I love free babysitting. :)

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