Oct 17, 2015

Pumpkin Patch "ing"

Pumpkin "Patching."  Yes, "Patching," I've made it a verb because it is most definitely something that you DO!  And when you are my offspring or are married to me, you are basically required to do it well.  I will say that throughout the almost 10 years that Josh and I have celebrated Halloween together, I have drug him to some sort of pumpkin patch every year except when we lived in Grenada and England.  If there had been pumpkin patches we would have gone, but there wasn't.  And in all of those years, Josh has only complained about going EVERY SINGLE TIME.  And you can forget helping me carve them after they arrive at home.

However, apparently the pixies of fall must have sprinkled some Halloween dust on Josh this year because he actually SUGGESTED that we go to a pumpkin patch with the kids (can I just say it's really strange to say the word "kids") on his day off last weekend.  I think my jaw might have hit the floor but you don't have to ask me twice.  It was the perfect fall day, sunny and rather warm and he wasn't even irritated with my poor planning when we showed up at West End Creamery And Family Farm an entire hour before it opened!  Mom. Fail.

I had taken Ryan here last year and she did have fun, but let's be honest, it was probably more for me.  However, at 2 years old, she was able to thoroughly enjoy all of the farm's attractions except the Barnyard Jump bounce house ( you have to be 3) and I would have avoided that anyway.  One broken leg is enough for me this year lifetime.

She especially loved the corn crib (a sandbox full of corn kernels) in which Dad entertained us both by taking a "corn shower" and which Ryan was fully intent on imitating despite the fact that I was then picking pieces of corn out of her pig tails for the rest of the afternoon.  I know she loved it because even a week later, she keeps talking about "corns in her hair and her toesies."

We also took a short trip through the corn maze and Ryan rode on the cow tractor all by herself which made me slightly nervous but she did great and it only further made me realize how old she is getting.

All four of us had lunch and then since Rory was out of the carseat/stroller already, we
decided it was time to take the hayride out to the Patch for pumpkin picking.  We told Ryan she could get any pumpkin she could carry and we all enjoyed picking out some pumpkins to take home.

We had a really great time at the pumpkin patch and Ryan has now insisted on counting, sitting next to, kissing, and hugging her pumpkins on a daily basis.  It makes leaving the house take at least 10 minutes longer than the already ridiculous amount of time that it usually takes.  But I suppose it's worth it.  I hope Josh will be just as enthusiastic about carving them this weekend or next!

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