Oct 12, 2011

I'm In Love

I know that I post about the kids at Limes a whole lot, but I really am in love with these children.  Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I look forward to 3:00pm because that means it's Limes time.  I know it's hot.  And yes, sometimes they are wild and crazy and don't behave.  Occasionally, we have to break up fights and take snack away from kids.  But there has not been one day where I've gone to Limes and not ended up with a smile on my face. They make me laugh, they make me cry, and sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out, but I can't imagine spending my afternoons any other way.

These kids just want love and at Limes there is no shortage in supply.  Sitting in laps, hugs, and snuggles are given by the bucketloads.  I know as volunteers, we are supposed to be enriching the lives of these children.  Many of these kids don't have electricity at home, the snack at Limes might be the only food they get that day, they have clothes that are too small or too big and filled with holes, and are considered lucky if they come with shoes on.  But in my honest opinion, these children are enriching the volunteers lives even more so than we are enriching theirs. 

Here are a few pictures from the last two weeks of class.

Joshua and his "Louvie"

Miss Kelsey getting lots of Love!

Miss Jessie and Louvie coloring.

Mr. Matt reading to Jada.
Doing a little yoga.

Miss Sarah and Kyla
A couple of two-year olds.

Worksheets and Coloring
And if aren't entertained by these precious children, maybe you'll be entertained by this.  A common sight seen while we are having class on the field.
A man taking his goats for a walk. -TIG
Be prepared for many more posts about these kids, because I just can't get enough of them.

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  1. i love reading about these kiddos! sounds like its almost time for your own:)
    love drea