Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Scurlock's!

I must say I have been very uninspired to blog this past week.  It could be due the fact that I haven't taken any pictures.  Which is due to the fact that I have no camera. :(  AND can you believe there are no pumpkins in Grenada.  Which means no carving them (I know Josh was super bummed).  Boo.  But enough pouting. 

Halloween really isn't celebrated in Grenada.  But that didn't stop the SO's from having some fun this weekend.  My friend Kelsey took it upon herself to throw a costume party together at the school.  It was pretty tame and included a bunch of adults dressed in very creative costumes, some fun Halloween treats, and the movie Hocus Pocus (a Halloween necessity). 

Josh couldn't attend.  He FINALLY finished his midterms this morning.  Poor guy, it's been a long week and classes start back up tomorrow.  Stupid medical school, always ruining his time.

In Grenada, Halloween costumes have to be REALLY creative.  There are no costume stores and even if there were, nobody could afford a costume anyway.  I couldn't believe how creative some of my friends are!  Take a look!
I on the otherhand was not so creative. Somehow this past week with my birthday, Josh's tests, and all the shenanigans that followed I lost track of time to figure out an actual costume.  So I did the next best thing, I found a mardi gras mask, and wore a blue dress.  I didn't win any costume awards.  No surprise here.
But it was still a lot of fun.  Maybe next Halloween when Josh is in clinical rotations, we can actually dress up together, like in 2009.  Seems like ages ago.
Only six weeks till 4th term is over!  The countdown begins.

Happy Halloween!

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