Oct 22, 2011

4th Term Stinks

Dear 4th Term,

I thought early on maybe you weren't so bad.  Hubby was enjoying that you made him feel more like an actual doctor and excited about learning new things.  But oh how things have changed.  You and I are no longer friends.  You've stolen my husband from me.  Josh spends way more hours a day with you than he does with me.  Your oldest child Pathology is seriously just mean...13 credits for one class?  Don't you realize how stressful that is for everyone?  And then there is the evil stepchild Microbiology.  As if anyone has any time to devote to THAT with Path taking center stage.  And let's not forget about CPD, even though everyone does.  What do those letters even stand for?

Your testing schedule is just terrible.  Tests on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, AND the following Monday!?!?!  No weekend off after tests?  What were you thinking 4th Term!?!?!?!  Don't you know Hubs needs that weekend off to relax, and I NEED for him to have that weekend off to keep some sanity!  AND when my birthday falls smack dab in the middle of it.  Shame on you 4th Term.

I know 3rd term is technically not the same term as you, but it might as well be.  With only one weekend off before the start of 4th Term, you are beginning to feel never-ending.   Twenty-four straight weeks of medical school with no break is just tortuous...for all of us.  No wonder everyone talks bad about you from day one of med school. 

I will concede and let you have my husband for the remainder of the term.  But I want you to know that I don't like you.  Not one bit.  And come December 9th when you are over, I will push you out of my memory and never think of you again (although Josh will be unable to do the same).  I suppose you are a necessary evil, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.


A 4th Term Student's Wife


  1. Amen!! I cannot wait for this term to be over!

  2. Well...I REALLY don't look forward to this term!

  3. Awww!! That is so sad! I don't look forward to it either, hahaha.

  4. Although I quite enjoyed reading this post (great writing), I did not enjoy reading what you have to be going through. No fun! So sorry! Cling to the light at the end of the tunnel (is it anywhere to be found?!?).