Oct 17, 2011

Around the Island Tour: Carib's Leap

As promised, I'm picking up where I left off on my last post about the SO's around the island tour. 

After seeing the forts, we continued to the very Northern end of the island to a town called Sauteurs in St. Patrick Parish. 

Sauteurs claim to fame in Grenada is that it was the site of mass suicide in 1651.  The French were conquering Grenada and rather than become slaves to the French, many Carib Natives jumped to their death off of a 40 meter tall cliff which is now appropriately named "Carib's Leap."  The town was later named Sauteurs which in French means "jumpers."  A memorial now stands at the edge of Carib's Leap.
Whether you want to see the memorial or not, Sauteurs also offers a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean and on clear days, you can easily see some of the other islands to the North, including Carriacou.

Pretty stunning right? 

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