Apr 23, 2011

Spring Chicks

Tomorrow, Josh and I are hosting Easter Sunday Brunch at our flat for our Newcastle "family."  Everyone is bringing/making at least one thing for our potluck.  I am in charge of a salad, mashed potatos and gravy, and a dessert of my choice.

I frequently visit the website "Our Best Bites," and if you haven't looked at it before, you should definitely check it out here.  They have some GREAT recipes and some really fun crafts.  Julie and I have used quite a few recipes from here including the amazing Baked Potato Soup , Creamy Chicken Taquitos, and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Josh absolutely loves everything I have made from this website...and he is sometimes hard to please.

So, when I started looking for a good Easter dessert, this was the first place I checked.  And sure enough, "Our Best Bites" didn't let me down.  They had the cutest Easter cupcake recipe up and best of all, it's ridiculously easy to make!  I guess part of the reason this particular recipe is so easy is because you can make any type of cupcake that you want and then just use the "recipe" to decorate it.  I bought Betty Crocker boxed cake mix and frosting and baked some chocolate cupcakes.  I would have preferred white cake, but alas, the joys of living in a foreign country...

Next, I frosted them with white frosting which I added a teeny tiny amount of yellow food coloring to.  Then I used shredded coconut and added a few drops of the food coloring and mixed it together well to make baby chick hair, errr fur,  ummm feathers, fuzz?? What exactly do they have when they are born?? Ehh...you know what I mean. 

Shredded coconut with yellow food coloring.
 Using brown, blue, and green M&M's for the eyes and orange Starbursts cut up and molded for the beak...
I was able to create these adorable little Spring Chicks for our Easter lunch.  Aren't they just so cute!?!
I just think they turned out perfect!  I can't wait for everyone to see them tomorrow.

Happy Easter everyone!



  2. Steph you did an ammmaaazzzinnnggg job!! I'm so excited that you're going to be in Grenada with all your crafty skills!!! So glad you and the hubs had a happy Easter.