Apr 2, 2011

So Long, Farewell, Aufwiedersehn, Goodnight

The time had to come when all the siblings would leave Newcastle. And I know, I'm quite a bit behind as they left a week ago today.  But I had to finish up my blog posts about our adventures in the UK.  They went off to Dublin, Ireland after being in London while I took the train back to Newcastle by myself.   I would have loved to have gone to Dublin with them, but I had literally just been the weekend before they arrived and felt that it was unnecessary to go there again, my money could be better spent on new and different adventures. The sibs spent two nights in Dublin and arrived back in Newcastle on Thursday morning.

They had a couple of days to spend some time in Newcastle before they flew back to LA, so I took them to my most favorite place in Newcastle that I've blogged about quite a few times, Jesmond Dene.  We strolled through the park, near the river, and enjoyed yet another sunny day in Newcastle.  It was great.
Bert, Rach, and Anna at Jesmond Dene
At the old well.
On their last night in Newcastle, we went to our favorite restaurant here in Newcastle, Francescas which is right down the street from our flat.  Kris, Tarrah, Julie, and Kevin all joined us for the evening and we had a lot of fun eating, drinking, and enjoying each others company. 
The Four Fairman Siblings
The four medical school students.
Me and the Hubs
The Whole Gang
Our buddy at the bar.
It was so much fun to have all my siblings here in the UK.  I don't think that many people get to do what we did.  Four siblings, all basically over the age of twenty, with different schedules, jobs, schools, marriage, it's amazing that we got to travel in Europe together.  I love them all so very much and I am so thankful to have the best siblings in the world.  Bert, Rachel, and Anna, I love you to death and I am so glad you guys came to visit Josh and I.  These are adventures and memories that we will talk and laugh about over holiday dinners with the family for the rest of our life.

- Remember the time when we were in Newcastle on St. Patrick's Day and we met "Mark," or "Allen," or "Ellen," or whatever his name was.
- Remember the time when we went on Edinburgh's haunted vault tour and we thought we might all pass out from the scariness of it all.
- Remember the time when we went to the whiskey factory in Edinburgh and we all took shots on the video camera and we made those hilarious faces in front of serious whiskey drinkers.
- Remember the time when we met James Buchanan on the train ride home from Scotland and he offered the girls chocolate and Bert took it and then he couldn't believe Bert's name was "Bert."
- Remember the time when we were on the train to London and we played "F*** the Dealer" without alcohol and we said the loser had to get x amount of noogies, wedgies, and credit cards as their punishment.
- Remember the time when we were walking through St. James Park and Rachel said "I can't control my bowel movements and desires." :)
- Remember the time when the server at The Shakespeare Bar in London brought Anna a "Merry Berry" aka cranberry juice after she ordered a "Bloody Mary."
- Remember the time when we walked the entire length of Hyde Park only to find a playground and all of our feet were hurting and I didn't even want to walk 3 feet to the park gate let alone to the Knotting Hill gate.
- Remember the time when all three of you came to Newcastle to visit me, and we had so much FUN together.

Let's always remember the time spent here.  Because it really was amazing.


  1. Aw I love this post! So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is sooooo sweet and amazing!!!! That is too much fun that you got to visit with your siblings. Thanks for sharing all the fabulous pictures!

  3. Thanks! We had such a good time. I just wish they could have stayed forever! Can't wait to meet you once you get to Grenada!