Apr 20, 2011

Boot Camp

As my last post indicated, the weather in Newcastle as of late has just been fantastic.  There really are no other ways to describe it.  So today, instead of my normal routine at the gym (elliptical, some running, and some weight training), Julie and I decided to go out to Jesmond Dene and design our own boot camp!  We put on our gym clothes and our tennis shoes, packed our lunches, and headed down to the Dene for a workout in the sunshine.

Josh mocked me as I was walking out the door saying that all Julie and I can really accomplish when we are together is talking, talking, and more talking.  But I was determined to prove him wrong.  We set up 7 stations for exercising. 

Station 1:  Sprints
Station 2: Push-ups
Station 3: Walking Lunges
Station 4: Sit-ups
Station 5: Squats
Station 6: Planks
Station 7: Jumping Jacks

We did each station for one minute and then rotated and we completed the entire cycle five times.  By the end of it, we were sweating and we were worn out!  It might not sound that challenging at first glance, but I dare you to try it and then tell me it's not hard.  Have you ever done push-ups for one minute straight?!?  My arms are gonna be sore for days!  Our goal is to do this boot camp a couple of times a week together.  We'll probably switch up the stations, add more, do different ones, but it's so fun to workout outside with a friend.  It helps me stay motivated to workout when I can change up my workout routine. 

On a side note, there were some young kids (probably no older than 10 years) who were out throwing a ball around and were purposefully pegging us with it.  They kept saying "Sorry!" after they did it.  Finally, I said "You're not sorry.  You keep doing it."  The kid grabbed his ball and ran away yelling "Yeah! I'm not sorry cause you're AMERICAN!!"  What are parents teaching their children!?!?!?!

Oh well, Julie and I enjoyed the sun and a picnic lunch after our workout and then we were able to do just as Josh said "talk, talk, talk." 


  1. You forgot to mention we saw Robert Pattinson too!

  2. O my gosh...how could I forget?!!?!