Jul 30, 2014

Summer Lovin'....

....had me a blast.

It's impossible to catch you up on everything that goes on in this house on a daily basis.  Ryan and I are on the go pretty much 24/7.  Although, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably have a pretty good idea of our day to day life.  I have a serious #overgramming problem.  But, you only live once right?!

Lately, we've been having lots of playdates both at friend's houses and at the local library.  We've been to the splash park, the regular park, we visit the apartment complex pool, take walks, go for runs at the Rail Trail in West Boylston, and pretty much fill our day with fun things.  Here are some highlights from the last few weeks.
Animal Cracker Picnic

Gymboree for Reagan's 1st Birthday!
East Park

Barnes & Noble
Off to Church
Walk to get the mail.
Occasionally, Daddy does get to join us for some of our fun outings, though not often enough.  He was on nights all last week and that was brutal.  We definitely aren't looking forward to the next set of nights here in a few weeks.  But, on his day off, he went with us back to Davis Farmland for a goat petting, giant slide sliding, and splash parking afternoon of fun!  And apparently, I did not take a picture with him in it, but he was there! I promise!

He also got to visit my new favorite park in the area, Dean Park in Shrewsbury one evening after work.  They have the best play ground with tons of swings and toys, a sandbox full of shovels and dump trucks to play with, and a lake with geese!  The perfect park for little ones in my opinion.

We sure miss having Josh around all the time, but it does make the times that he is able to join us that much more special.  We know he's working super hard at the hospital and so we understand.  A life in medicine is a sacrifice for everyone in the family but Ryan and I are so proud of his hard work and dedication to both his job and his family.

Summer time is definitely my favorite and it's going to be quite the challenge once cold weather starts to hit because we love being outside, but I hear that Fall in Massachusetts is just beautiful and that there are all kinds of fun fall-ish things to do here so we are looking forward to that too!

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