Jul 8, 2014

Smashing Some Cake

One of the newer trends for celebrating 1st birthdays is having a "cake smash" photo shoot so that you can fully document your new toddler in full frosting face glory, totally demolish a birthday cake.

She's not loving it or anything.
Since I knew Josh and I wouldn't be hosting some fabulous party for Ryan's first birthday, because let's face it, even though Josh is now an MD, we are still poor as s**t and honestly, we don't know that many people here in Worcester; I reasoned that it would be okay for me to spend a little money on a fabulous 1st birthday outfit and then pay someone to take pictures while Ryan ruined it.

I found a really sweet lady by the name of Michele from Normand-Ashley Photography, who took a few great pictures of Ryan doing a cake smash at a local park for an even better price.  On top of that, she got the edited photos back to me ridiculously fast.  If you are interested in seeing her other work, please check her out HERE.

Ryan loved it! And was surprisingly dainty about eating the cake, which she had never had before this day.  She really just picked at the frosting.  No face diving here.  But it was so sweet.

My top tips for doing a cake smash:
  • Get a photographer: This way you can enjoy watching your 1 year old devour the cake and not worry about whether you are documenting it accordingly.  You can find one for a pretty inexpensive price if you just do a little searching on the internet.
  • Take pictures outside:  Oh my gosh, the cleanup is a breeze compared to trying to do this in your house.  Even if you don't hire a photographer, go to your local park and take them yourself.  Much better lighting and much better than having frosting dug into your carpet or smeared across your walls!  Because let's be honest here, there will be frosting EVERYWHERE.

  • Balloons are great photo props:  And they are cheap too!
  • Make your own cake:  This will cut down on your photographer cost and it's really not hard to do.  With things like youtube and the baking section at Michaels or Joanns, you can pick up a piping bag and DIY pretty easily. I assure you, I had NO decorating experience prior to making this cake and I think it turned out great! It doesn't have to be perfect, it's going to get destroyed anyway.

  • Don't be afraid to let your little one do their thang!: So your 1 year old cries during the photos?  So what? Makes for even funnier pictures!  They tip over the cake? HILARIOUS!  

So there you have it.  My tips for a great cake smash and some amazing pictures that I will truly treasure forever of Ryan's 1st birthday.

Photo Credit: Normand-Ashley Photography
Tutu: Simply Elegant
"One" Onesie: Olive and Birdie
Flower Headband: Little Addie's Boutique
Gold Party Hat: Kutie Bowtuties

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  1. good tips!! and your cake turned out BEAUTIFUL!! I am basically an expert on cakes now because I've watched like 20 episodes of Cake Boss since Lee started working :)