Jul 1, 2014

Mommas, Babes, and Farm Animals

I feel so very blessed since moving to Massachusetts that I was lucky enough, through social media of all things, to meet the most fabulous group of women, who also happen to be Mommas to a bunch of adorable little girls.  God just knew I was going to need some friends here in Worcester, especially now that Josh has officially started his intern year and will probably be gone 5 zillion hours every day.

Since meeting them all for the first time a few weeks ago, we have literally done something practically every single day.  From walks on trails, baby time at the public library, swimming playdates, and shopping trips; we seem to come up with something to do just about daily.  And that works out perfectly for Ryan and I because we have nothing to do most days of the week!

Yesterday, we made a trip to Sterling, MA (about 25 minutes away) to a place called Davis Farmland.  This wasn't just your average farm.  First of all, there is a massive petting zoo with lots of goats, sheep, baby chicks, and turtles!  Ryan got a kick out of all the animals.

Just some baby friends!
Then we went on a hayride.

And took some selfies....obviously.
And last but certainly not least, we visited the huge splash pad! Ryan seriously loved it.  This child is definitely not afraid of the water.  She was playing and splashing and WALKING all over.  She could hang with the big kids and that made me kind of sad!  I thoroughly enjoyed watching her play and ran around with her attempting to take pictures while dodging random streams of water.  It was too fun.

All the babies and the mommas!

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