Jul 15, 2014

Ryan's Birthday (Party)

I know what you're thinking....how many times can I blog about Ryan's first birthday?  Right?  Well, the answer is, as many as I want!  This is my blog after all. :)

The day before Ryan's actual birthday, I hosted a little birthday party celebration at my apartment with all of my new friends and their babies.  It wasn't anything super exciting.  We had some sandwiches, sang Ryan happy birthday, opened a few presents, and she got to eat a cupcake.  Oh and drank mimosas (the Mamas not the babies).  I honestly didn't take near enough pictures of the festivities, but it was super fun and I'm glad we at least did SOMETHING.  Plus it gave Ryan a chance to wear her adorable 1st birthday outfit again, which washed surprisingly well after her cake smash.

Wooden pennant flag banner from RyleighandRue.

Ryan's new friends are all so sweet and showered her with some super fun gifts!  Then we headed up to the pool for a little swim.

Her very own Dr. Kit! 

Assuming we get to stay in Massachusetts for all of Josh's residency, I know it's going to be so fun to watch all of these little girls grow up together.
Reagan, Avery, Ryan, Charlotte, Avery, & Isabella 
Reagan Kathleen and Ryan Cathleen (only 9 days apart!)
Ryan's ACTUAL birthday was pretty low-key.  Josh was working (no surprise there) and so we woke up and ate some chocolate chip pancakes.  Totally Ryan's idea and who am I to say no to the birthday girl. :)

Pancakes were followed by a balloon crib photo session.  I'm sure she was wondering what in the heck was going on but she seemed to enjoy it.  That is until it was time to pop all of the balloons the next day and she was terrified.... Mom Fail.

We met up with the girls later in the day for some shopping and lunch, which is a great way to end any birthday if I do say so myself!

I can't promise this will be the last post about Ryan's 1st birthday.  I'm still waiting on her big first birthday gift from Josh and I to arrive and I'm sure I'll definitely want to post about that!

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  1. I LOVE the balloons in the bed idea!!! It turned out so pretty!