Jul 23, 2014

July 4th Fun

Our 4th of July was actually very uneventful.  Josh had to work part of the day and it rained literally ALL day long.  Ryan and I didn't leave the house the entire day and instead, decided to spend the 4th watching about 5 Disney movies, which is likely one of my favorite parts of having a child in my house....I have an excuse to watch Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Frozen on repeat.   Missing the 4th of July has actually become quite a trend in the Scurlock family over the years.  In 2010 we were flying back to California from our honeymoon in Cozumel.  In 2011 we were in Grenada and Josh had class all day.  On the Fourth of July 2012 Josh was studying for Step 1 and last year, 2013, we were in the hospital after just having had Ryan!

We did however, get to celebrate Independence day on July 6th with all of our Mommy/Baby friends AND their husbands!  And as a bonus, Josh magically didn't have to work so he was in fact able to join us!  We bbq'd at Nikki, Luke, and Layla's beautiful home in Rutland, MA  and enjoyed peach bellinis, delicious cheeseburgers, and a few games of corn hole.   It was such a great day with amazing people (and the husbands aren't too bad either)! Ha!
Ryan, not having her best moment. Obviously.
I was so excited about Ryan's 4th of July attire.  Of course, getting a picture of her in it was like trying to give a stray cat a bath.  Completely painful and frustrating.  But in the end, I think we got a somewhat decent picture.  And for the record, while I think TOMS shoes are completely adorable on, they are so impractical! Seriously, I have a love/hate relationship with them.  The shoes are soooo challenging to get on and then they fall off far too easily.  Just a random mom rant for ya!
Headband  Onesie

We had a major meltdown in the middle of it.

July 4, 2014 and July 4, 2013 What a difference a year makes!
Hope everyone had a great 4th, or 6th, or whatever!


  1. Cute post!

    Dad and I spent 7.4.14 in Rome, Italy viewing the Colosseum and the Forum, and publicly picnicking on the steps of the Pantheon (which is undoubtedly against the law in Italy) where we met an Italian-born American woman who told us she will forever appreciate the American troops for their support in Italy when it was occupied by German forces. The evening ended with a Bakersfield Master Chorale concert at St. Eustachio Catholic Church. It was a fourth to remember, but not as exciting as 7.4.13!

    Love our little sparkler!

  2. I have been fixing up my blog lately and just read my post about our 4th of July party on the beach in 2011! except it was on the 3rd :) I made fruit skewers this year like you did then!
    and I love Ryan's shirt. You dress her way too cute!