Oct 10, 2012

Feeling a bit nostalgic...

...what else is new?

Today, my good SO friend Sarah (whom I've now lived near in 3 different countries) and I went to a restaurant in Redlands called Dhat Island, Caribbean-Creole Cuisine.  Yup, "daht."  We were both aching for a touch of island in our lives and any place with the word "daht" in the name is most definitely islandish. 

The food was great, a lot yummier than some of my island food experiences.  Who knew that seeing plaintains on a menu would make me both happy and sad at the same time? 
It's always nice to have someone around that understands the life you've lived for the past two years as the spouse of a medical student and who's living a similar one now.  Someone who's trying to deal with transitions just like you are.

I don't want to live in the past, I want to seize hold of the here and now.

But of course, I couldn't help coming home from lunch and looking through old pictures of the Limes kids and watching videos of sweet Kyla, sassy Shanika, and silly Miguel.  It's impossible not to miss children that made perhaps the biggest impact on my life thus far.

I'm saving my pennies to go back to Grenada for a visit.  Anybody want to pitch in? :)

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  1. If I ever get a legit job, I'll toss in a couple bucks ;-) I wish you could go back to see them too. But I am also so glad you are here with me :-) We are lucky to know you guys.