Oct 16, 2012

Sun Worshiper

My little guy is a sun worshiper. 

Just like his Mama.

He tends to follow me from room to room.  But no matter what room I'm in, he finds that little bit of sunshine to lay in. 

A dog after my own heart.

I think there's a chance we both suffer from seasonal affective disorder.

** And on another doggie note, obedience classes start tonight.  Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck with your classes, but are you sure he needs obedience class? He looks perfectly well behaved!

    Hope all is well in Redlands.

    Julie's mom

  2. Maybe he is cold. Perhaps an excuse to go shopping at the doggy boutique!

    Do you think the trainer can help Doyle learn to stop terrorizing suicide squirrels in the park?

    Good luck and have fun!