Jan 25, 2012

The First and Last...

...Grenadian food I plan on eating.

We went to Patrick's last Saturday night for dinner with a bunch of friends.  And when I say a bunch, what I really mean is like 40.  No joke.   Our friends Kris and Tarrah had gone to Patrick's awhile back and claimed that it had the best Grenadian  homestyle cooking on the island.  If I were a less picky  more adventuresome eater, I might have actually agreed with them.

By the way, when the say "homestyle," what they really mean is it is made and served at their home.  Like in the front yard. TIG. 

I should have known I wouldn't be a huge fan when I looked at the menu. There were 20 small dishes served.  So you try a little of everything which is good if you like to try new things, bad if you don't.  If you know me at all, you shouldn't be surprised that things like, "beer battered eggplant, lambi, stir-fried rabbit, cod fish fritters, beef casserole curried mutton, and fresh fish steaks deep fried" don't make my top list of favorite meals.  I can't knock everything at Patrick's,  I really did like the callaloo soup, curry rice, and green banana salad.

It was a VERY local Grenadian experience with some really great friends.  If you think you might want to try Grenadian food, Patrick's is the place to go.

And what was the best part of the night you ask?  Well, they brought out some homemade spiced rum and poured everyone shots.
Of course like any normal person, I took one look at that bottle and said absolutely not.  SOME of us weren't that smart.  You'd think that these medical students would know not to drink something that looked so awful.
Smelled it and didn't like it...

...and still took the shot.  -TIG
Let's just say I don't think he'll be doing THAT again. :)
And I won't be going to Patrick's again, but it was still a lot of fun.  Even if I did have to go home and eat a bowl of rice crispies.


  1. This would be a neat place to take visiting family and friends! Where is it at?

  2. I love their definition of homestyle!

  3. Oh gosh, HOMEMADE spiced rum. Haha. That sounds horrible. Andy made me try a roti once. I think it could more accurately be called a brick. And stir fried rabbit!? :( Do they even have bunnies on the island?

  4. Thanks so much for linking up! I'm posting a link to this post tomorrow - really appreciate it!

  5. The restaurant is made to LOOK like a typical GRENADIAN HOME. Definitely not the actual front yard of some one's home. Here's some accurate info, though (^_^)

  6. This is funny, Stephanie! I wish you were still in Grenada, I think that you would be fun to spend time with! I too, am not adventurous (pretty much at all- which really translates to I'm picky. Most of the time I just say that I know what I like and I am not picky, haha). Anyway, I noticed in the SO packet that they gave to us at the Meet and Greet had Patrick's in it- and then when we drove by it on the way to St. George's I was pretty sure it was a place I wouldn't be trying, haha. Good for you for going and for having fun!