Sep 8, 2012

New Baby

No, not that kind of baby.

A doggie baby!

Josh and I have been wanting to have a dog of our own since before we were married.  But living out of the country for the last two years has made that less than ideal.  Taking a dog to England was practically out of the question unless you wanted to put it in quarantine for a mandatory six months.  No thanks.  And I thought long and hard about taking one to Grenada, but wanted to check out the island first and once I was there, I got so busy with volunteer stuff that I didn't feel like I would be home enough to have a dog.

But, once we got to Redlands, we decided that this would be the perfect space and place for us to have our first dog.  The question was what kind of dog?

While I would prefer to have something like this...
Josh's ideal dog looks a little more like this.
Can you see a difference in opinion here? Ha!

We discussed getting a puppy, but Josh isn't home much and I don't know that I'm necessarily ready for that much work.  In the end, we brought Doyle home to Redlands.  He's a 3 year old mutt that I found on the side of the road in the mountains only a week before we left for England.  He's been living with my parents and their three other dogs for the past two years.  But my Mom and I have always felt like he was my dog.

He's pretty timid, a definite scaredy-dog, and he suffers from a little bit of separation anxiety but I'm home a lot and I can give him the love and attention that he needs.  And he's my snuggler and is helping to fill the void that leaving my Limes kids left in my heart.
He's already making himself at home and both Josh and I love having him here.  Even if it means I have a constant shadow at my feet. :)

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  1. Awww. Look at the baby. Pictures! Lots of pictures! :)