Sep 9, 2012

Trip to Big Bear

Josh surprisingly had Labor Day off of work and so we took the opportunity to head up the mountain to Big Bear last Monday.  Neither Josh or I had ever been but with it being less than an hour away from Redlands, we were anxious to go check it out.  Plus, Josh's Aunt Wendy and Uncle Mike live in Big Bear and we couldn't wait to pay a them a visit. 
Off to Big Bear!
We arrived at Wendy's adorable quilt store in The Village right around lunch time and then proceeded to get lunch to go so that we could eat it on their boat on the lake.  What a treat that was! It was such a beautiful day on the water and we had no idea we were going to get to experience Big Bear Lake on this trip!

After lunch and a ride around the lake, we went over to Wendy and Mike's cabin/home.  We spent some time on the deck drinking iced tea and Josh and I definitely hope to come back soon, especially once there is snow on the ground.  Then, Josh and I headed back to The Village to look around at the shops some more.  Many of them were closing up for the night, but we were able to get a yummy cup of coffee and just enjoy the quaint atmosphere that Big Bear has to offer.
The Village, Big Bear Lake
We ended an absolutely wonderful day with a great dinner at a local mexican restaurant called Jacalito Grill.  It was delicious.  We can't wait to go back to Big Bear to do some more exploring and visit our family.  What a blessing it is to have family so close to us after being out of the country for two years.  And it doesn't hurt that they happen to be in a picturesque mountain town does it? :)

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