Sep 30, 2012

From Blog to Book

Ever since I started my blog about a year and a half ago, I have been looking for ways to make it into a hard copy.  There are many sites out there in the internet world that you can use to turn your blog into a book.  But until I saw that my friend Sara had done it with her blog, I hadn't been motivated enough to really put an effort into doing it.

I followed her lead and used this site which allowed me to upload my posts and pictures into a program I downloaded on my computer.  I could then sort through the pictures, edit spelling errors in posts, and design my own layout for each page.  It actually took a somewhat significant amount of time, but I also had 143 posts for 2011! 

I finally finished my editing in August and was able to order my blog book.  It cost less than $100.00 and considering it is hard-bound and over 260 pages, I think it was very moderately priced.  I received it in less than two weeks and I am so pleased with the final outcome.

It makes a great coffee table book!
Since my blog really only serves as an online public journal, I think it's great to have a physical copy of all of our adventures over the last year.  And I thoroughly enjoy rereading my posts and reliving all of our great memories.   I can't wait to have years worth of blog books and I don't have to wait long, I already need to get working on 2012!  Where has this year gone?


  1. Stephanie! This is awesome! What a great idea! I never knew that anyone could even do this! Wow! It looks great! I am so impressed!

  2. I LOVE this! At one point I thought about just printing all of my blogs... but this is a MUCH better idea!