Sep 23, 2012

I'm a Killer...


My plants, They. Are. All. Dying.

I can hardly seem to keep any of them alive.  I want to put blame on the 100 + degree heat, but something tells me it's me.

I'm watering them like their instructions told me to and I'm googling "ways to keep orchids alive," but nothing is working!  The only plants still alive are the ones I don't have to do anything too!  Maybe I'm just destined to own only succulents.

Any gardeners read this blog?  I'll talk any and all help I can get. 

I can't keep my plant children alive and my doggie child Doyle bit the neighbor dog last week and drew blood so I'm failing on that end too.  Dog obedience school is currently in the works.
Such a vicious attack dog.
At least I can (for the most part) successfully take care of my husband child.


  1. HA HA this make me laugh a lot. First thing firsts, 100+ degrees in Redlands. Not acceptable and not what I want to hear about our maybe future town. Secondly, succulents are my favorite!!! Lastly, I have no advice because I can't keep plants alive either. Oh and bad Doyle. You better get him under control by the time Buddy gets there, otherwise no play dates!

    1. First thing firsts? Is that right? Or is it first things first? Whatever, you know what I mean.

  2. Aw, Steph! I think you are doing fine w/Doyle ... he is loved and taken care of and like you said, obedience school is in the works. You are not failing with him! As for the plants, I would try only watering in the morning. Are you adding any potted plant fertilizer to them? That MAY help. Good luck!

  3. Aw thanks Lauren! I will definitely try watering them in the mornings! Hope you are doing well!!

  4. Thank you, Steph, I AM doing well. :) I enjoy when you post your blog on Facebook, because you are very eloquent with your thoughts and putting them down in writing. :)