Aug 29, 2012

A Tale of Three Walmarts

Our new apartment has a nice, large patio.  It was part of the reason why I fell in love with the place.  I could envision dinners eaten outside on warm summer evenings, or drinking a cup of coffee and reading a book on a crisp fall morning. 

Unfortunately, the furniture budget was pretty tight.  And with the need for pretty much everything (sofa, coffee table, dresser, lamps, etc.)  there wasn't much wiggle room for patio furniture.  No matter how much I insisted, Josh was not going to believe that patio furniture was a necessity. 

But, prior to moving, I had seen a GREAT deal at Walmart for a patio set.  I'm not at all too high and mighty to shop at Walmart, but let's just say I also don't spend a great deal of time there.  Too many people, not enough parking, long lines, and well, you get the picture.  Anyway,  Mom and I had seen this amazing deal online for a patio set that looked pretty snazzy.  She then saw it on display at one of Bakersfield's many Walmarts.  She came home, told me about it, said I should get it because she thought it was the only one left, but of course I said no because we hadn't even moved yet and how could I explain buying patio furniture when I didn't even have a sofa yet. 

So, two weeks later Josh and I moved and we spent the first week outfitting our new apartment with all the necessities. Okay, maybe the rug wasn't exactly a necessity but I really wanted it. :)  And as the place started to really come together, I realized I REALLY wanted a patio set.  I started looking around.  Target, World Market, Pier 1, Big Lots, they all had patio sets that were either far too expensive, or so cheaply made they weren't even worth buying.  In the back of my head, I still remembered the sale one from Walmart.  I got online and typed in my new zip code to see if there were any in the area.  And my answer:  OUT OF STOCK.  In big, bold, capital letters at every Walmart within 60 miles of Redlands.  Darn.

So what does a girl do when she can't get what she wants?  She calls Mom.

The Bakersfield area code told me that they had LIMITED STOCK at one of the Walmart stores so my wonderful Mom and Dad went over that weekend to see if they had it.  After lots of "help" from a not very helpful Walmart employee, it was realized that no, Walmart #1 did not have it either.  BUT, the employee called to see if a different store in town had it and told my parents that that store had SIX.  Mom thought this especially questionable considering no store in the Southern California Area seemed to have any, but they went anyway.  Sure enough, not the same one.  Fail at Walmart #2. 

At this point, I think that most people would give up, especially when it wasn't even for them! But Mom decided they would go back to the third Walmart where she had seen it on display weeks prior.  And sure enough!  Walmart #3 still had it on display.  This was the ONLY set they had.  After some arguing over the price (it wasn't listed the same as the discounted price online) my parents got the patio set for us.  Mom had the cushions cleaned for me and they drove the set down in their suburban on Saturday.  What great parents I have!

We are thrilled with our new patio set.  Since we only have a one bedroom apartment, it really adds to our living space.  We've already had some nice dinners out there.
Mom is even making me some throw pillows that will match the dining chairs she reupholstered for me earlier this summer.

While they were here, Mom and I bought some plants for my newly furnished patio.

And while Dad slept....

Mom and I put together our new dresser.

We're so handy!  Notice the pink tool kit.
My parents were such a help this weekend and I was so glad to have them here, especially since Josh was on call.  Our apartment is really coming together and I'll get around to doing an apartment tour blog post soon.  I promise!


  1. Yay for mom and dad!!! Love the patio furniture!

  2. I'm so glad it worked out! Hope to work on the pillows soon.


  3. So cute. So cute. I'm so jealous you live in Redlands. :)