Jun 30, 2011

Tarrah's Birthday!

On Monday night, we celebrated our good friend Tarrah's 25th birthday.  We went to "Dodgy Dock," which is apparently one of the big student hangouts.  This may or may not be related to their happy hour specials which include $1.00 Caribs (beer) and $1.00 chicken wings.  Anyway, Dodgy Dock is located in True Blue which is the peninsula just next to Lance Aux Epines (where we live).

They had some really good food, as well as some great drinks.  Including the amazing pina colada that I had.  Yum!  Tarrah's boyfriend Kris and our other friend Allison joined us for the evening.  We had a great time socializing and discussing everyone's first day of 3rd term classes.

Kris, Tarrah, Allison, Me, Joshua

The birthday girl and her man!

Remember those pina coladas I mentioned?!?

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