Jun 23, 2011

Grenada Or Bust

We've now been in Grenada for over 48 hours and though I have lots of things I could blog about involving our first few days here, I think I need to cover the fabulous send off party we had before we left Bakersfield.  Our friends Julie and Kevin that we met in Newcastle live only about an hour away from our home town and so they decided to come for a night before we left for Grenada.  It was so great to see them again since we won't meet up again until January 2012. 

We took them to one of Bakersfield's best steak houses, Tahoe Joes, and then for a night out on the town at the Padre Hotel.  It was fun to take them to some of our favorite spots.  We are already missing them in Grenada.

Kevin, Julie, Me, Josh at the Padre
The next day, we headed to my Gramma's house for swimming, croquet, and a bbq.  My Mom had decorated the place in fabulous Grenadian fashion.
The croquet games were very intense.
Butt Buddies for life??
Josh may or may not have been taking this a little to seriously.
We are sooooo glad that Kevin and Julie came up to Bakersfield for a night.  And we are so thankful for our family who is so supportive of all of our adventures.  We love you all very much and appreciate all that you do!


  1. So excited for you Steph and can't wait to meet you in August!!!

  2. how sweet of your family!! glad you're here!