Dec 12, 2015

2nd Annual Christmas PJ Playdate

Ryan and Rory hosted the 2nd annual Christmas pajama/hot cocoa/cookie exchange playdate last week.  We had so much fun doing it LAST YEAR that I decided it has to be an annual thing.  It's so much fun to celebrate the holidays with all of our good friends here and it reminds me every year that I am so thankful for the Mom friends that I have made in Massachusetts.  These women have become my extended family and without them,  I know that life in MA would be very different.

The day before, I let Ryan help me decorate the sugar cookies that I baked for the party.  She ate WAY too much frosting and sprinkles, but she and I had a good time and she definitely thought it was a treat to get to make a huge sugary mess.

The day of the party, I made sure that the house was decked out in holiday decor and that there were plenty of yummy treats to share.  I also had my signature hot cocoa bar which is always a hit with everyone.

We had a wonderful time with all of our friends.  The kids played and the Mamas got to socialize amid the chaos.  Ryan had a GREAT time.  Every time I looked over she had another cookie in her hand.  I'm pretty sure she had about 15 during the few hours that everyone was over.  You'll see in that in every picture taken of her, she had a cookie.  That's my girl.

A lot of babies have been added to the bunch this year.  I'll be interested to see how many new ones there are next year! A big thanks to all of our friends that joined us.  It's definitely feeling like Christmas around here.

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