Dec 21, 2015

Last Minute Christmas Shenanigans

With Christmas only a few days away, we've been trying to soak up every last bit of Christmas cheer before it's time to pack up the Christmasy goodness until next year.  Josh has been on the transplant service this month which has basically meant he's living at the hospital and so I've been trying to find ways to fill our days/nights/weekends... #Dr'swifelife.  It's a lot of days and hours of just me and my girls. And that's ok.  I'm pretty lucky to get to spend all my time with these two hooligans.

Thankfully, we've been blessed so far this winter with some very mild weather.  In fact, it's supposed to be in the 60's on Thursday...what?!?!  I wonder if we'll ever experience a "white Christmas" while living in Massachusetts?  It's definitely not happening this year.   I certainly enjoy being in my home when it's decked out in Christmas decor and lights.  But at least we haven't had to be cooped up in the house if we don't want to be!
Last week, I bought my first gingerbread house kit.  It was on sale and I thought Ryan might enjoy doing it and so I went for it.  She had a great time eating a ridiculous amount of candy and frosting.  And the house did ultimately get built.

And the meltdown that followed when I said we were done eating candy was pretty priceless.  Two year olds...I tell ya.  I'm basically the meanest Mom ever on an almost hourly basis these days.
I only have a few more days to dress the girls in Christmas attire and so I'm making the most of it and taking pictures of their festive outfits every chance I get.  Rory is typically my child of choice for these artistic endeavors because I don't have to bribe her to pose for pictures...yet.

Only 4 more sleeps till Christmas! Can you believe it's practically here!?!?!

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