Dec 12, 2014

Pajama Playdate

Yesterday I hosted a pajama playdate for all of our Mommy/Baby Toddler friends.  Side note: Seriously, when did our babies become toddlers!?!? I had 9 kids over here and it's just crazy to me that the majority are now walking instead of crawling, or rolling like they were when we met them 6 months ago.

Anyway, I wanted to have everyone over for a Christmas PJ playdate complete with a hot chocolate bar and a cookie exchange.  It really was very simple to prepare for, well other than the fact that my apartment needed a really good cleaning beforehand. :)  I just bought some hot chocolate mix, milk, and a few fixins, dressed up a few mason jars, baked some Christmas cookies, turned on Elf, and called it a day!

The kids totally ran a muck the whole time and us moms sipped hot cocoa and coffee, ate way too many cookies, watched the snow fall outside, and had a great time.  In fact, I think we should make it necessary to wear pajamas to every play date from now on.  And a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE occurred, we got all the kids to basically look at the camera and not be crying!  Just sing "If you're happy and you know it," works every time.
Yes, little Phil on the right is the ONLY boy! Quite a lucky little guy.
Ryan needed to make sure her baby was seen!
Moms and Kids: PJ's and all.
This playdate definitely put me in the Christmas spirit and I'm excited for more Christmas festivities coming up soon!

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