Dec 4, 2015

The Annual Cutting of the Tree

Josh had the weekend off after Thanksgiving and since he likely won't have another entire weekend off until Christmas, we decided we'd better venture out to get a tree.  Cause Lord knows I had no intention of cutting down a tree on my own with two kids.

This year we traveled to Sutton, MA (about a 30 min drive) to try out Sleighbell Christmas Tree Farm.  I had researched online to find a place that looked kid friendly, allowed you to cut your own tree, and wouldn't cost us my monthly diaper budget to purchase.  Other than the increase in blood pressure due to anxiety that our tree tie down job to the top of my Corolla was sub par, Sleighbell Tree Farm didn't disappoint.  They had a huge, picturesque farm, a gift shop filled with fun Christmas decor and wreaths, a tractor ride around the farm, food stand, and a fire pit where you could sip hot cocoa and apple cider.  Of course, we didn't get to enjoy most of that since we had two kids on the verge of meltdowns by the time we had finished the tree cutting/purchasing, but it sure LOOKED fun! Maybe next year? Ha!

Josh officially cut down his first Christmas tree and then quickly realized after the fact that we should have brought one of the tree carts from the parking lot with us.  Luckily, Mr. Christmas Cheer hasn't lost all of his once football glory day strength.  Especially since his three girls were no help.  We just watched from the sidelines shouting out tips for sawing and giving encouragement as we trekked back to the main lodge.

While he was getting the tree cleaned and stuff, we girls headed into the gift shop to pick out a wreath.  Ryan was given a candy cane which basically made her day and then she got to play with the snowman.  Around this time, Rory woke up and let me tell you, Josh and I attempting to tie the tree to the top of the car with the kids had to have made for quite the scene.  Just envision all doors open, a screaming baby, a toddler in the front seat turning on the windshield wipers and hazard lights and honking the horn, Josh yelling at her to stop, and me trying to console Rory all while haphazardly tying a way to big tree to my car.  It was during this moment that the movie Christmas Vacation came to mind, "I don't know what to say except it's Christmas and we're all in misery."  So true Ellen Griswold, so true.

However, we did all make it home, tree included and it did make it into our house....though the top had to be cut off because it was about a foot too tall for our living room.  Okay, this post really is starting to sound like a Clark Griswold movie.  But Ryan loved decorating it and I've only had to bust out the Super Glue to fix about 7 ornaments that have been dropped by the toddler but seriously, I just love Christmas time.

And as Clark would say, "Nobody's walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas."

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