Aug 22, 2014

Lake Quinsigamond

Earlier this week, a bunch of my Mommy friends lugged all of our Littles out to Lake Quinsigamond for an afternoon full of fun in the sun.  The lake is probably less than 2 miles from our apartment and I'm kind of mad at myself for having only gone once this summer.  Hopefully, I can make up for lost time and get a few more lake trips in before the cooler weather starts to creep in.

We were quite the scene with all of our umbrellas, babies, beach bags, and strollers caravanning our way on to the beach and then staking out a spot the size of the lake itself near the teenage lifeguards.  I'm quite certain that we were the definition of "birth control" for those young kids.  All you need to do to keep 18 year olds from having kids is have them watch a bunch of hot sweaty Moms run around attempting to put sunscreen on our kids, keep them from having mouthfuls of sand for lunch,  chase down the tent that almost blew away with a child in it, deal with one meltdown after another, all while trying to make sure our kids don't end up face first in the lake.  I'm certain those lifeguards will now run for the hills at the possibility of getting pregnant.   Just helping to spread the idea of abstinence one lake trip at a time!

I'm not joking, all those things did happen.  But we had a really good time!

Remember the meltdowns I mentioned?

On another note, Ryan has a serious issue with organizing.  Like it's bordering on Obsessive Compulsive!  She loves to line up things and organize and I'm wondering if I should be concerned that my kid is OCD.

Hopefully we can bring Dad back before the summer's up. I know we'd all have so much fun. :)

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  1. Looks like so much fun!

    Miss you !

    Mom (Grammy)