Aug 9, 2014

Got Rocks?

Ryan has this super cute, kind of strange obsession with rocks.  Seriously, why do I buy toys when I could just go outside and bring in some rocks and she'd be perfectly content?

There is this large rock pile in front of our apartment and Ryan and I regularly take walks outside after getting the mail in the early evening and we never fail to make a pit stop by the rock pile.  Yesterday, she was cracking me up trying to carry three rocks in her little pudgy hands and having the most difficult time holding on to them all.

Once she was finally satisfied with the amount of rocks in her hands, she was quite proud of herself.

She is seriously such a riot these days.  I am constantly laughing at all the hilarious things she does.  I'm so thankful to have my iPhone too, so that I can catch many of her funny moments on camera!

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