Jun 26, 2012

Two Years

It's been two years....two whole years of marriage.  I sat and wondered today how that could be the case.  How could it possibly have already been two years?

But then I remembered, in two years, we've honeymooned in Cozumel, moved to Newcastle, England and moved home.  Traveled to Spain, Ireland, Scotland, and Italy.  Moved to Grenada, West Indies.  Enjoyed a year on a Caribbean island.  Moved home to CA yet again.  And now Josh is almost done with his Step I. 

And then I think, how has it ONLY been two years?!?! :)  We've had enough adventures for a lifetime already and we've only just started out.

But today we slowed down for a minute.  And by slowed down, I mean that I worked and layed out at Gramma's pool and Josh studied all day long for his big test.  But we were still able to find a few hours to spend time with each other.

I made Josh breakfast in bed and presented him with his "cotton" anniversary gift.  And no, I did not make these myself.  I'm not that saavy with a sewing machine. 

Cotton throw pillows for our future apartment
 I also made him a frame I saw on pinterest.
It works like a dry-erase board.  You use a dry-erase marker to write on the glass of the frame and then wipe it off and write again.  Needless to say, Josh was THRILLED with my gifts.

I came home to beautiful red roses from Josh.  And we started off year three with a glass of wine from our wedding and some M&M's from the favors for our wedding.

We headed to Steak & Grape Restaurant in Bakersfield for some yummy food and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company, something we haven't been able to do much of while he's been studying for his test.

I'm excited and nervous for what year three has in store for us, but I know that with Josh by my side, we can get through anything.  I love him with all of my heart and I know this life is not the one I had planned for myself, but I couldn't imagine it any other way. Happy two years!

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