Jun 21, 2012

Oh how I miss...

June 21, 2011.  It was one year ago today that Josh and I boarded a plane at LAX bound for the tiny island of Grenada.  We didn't know what to expect as we flew a few thousand miles across the world.  I was unsure about how we would fair in a third world country, but when I saw Grand Anse Beach on day one, I fell in love.  When I met my Limes kids, well, I fell even harder.  And the love affair has continued ever since. 

We've been back in the United States for 6 weeks, and while I have enjoyed the great restaurants, cheap groceries, central air-conditioning, clothes dryer, and dishwasher, I miss my island.  I miss my beaches.  I miss my kids.

I can't help but think about my days in terms of Grenada time.  Oh, it's 11:00am, if I were in Grenada I might be going over to Magazine Beach for an afternoon of some of the most amazing snorkeling on the island followed by a pina colada or two :) from Aquarium which is right down the beach.

Or maybe I'd be at Grand Anse Beach where the water is the most crystal clear you could ever imagine and it's not a normal day there unless I find at least one sand dollar.
If I wasn't wanting to make a huge effort to get there, I would just take a five minute walk over to Lance Aux Epines Beach to enjoy the black sand and the barely there waves.

Or perhaps some of us SO's would have taken a little drive over to La Sagesse Beach.  Where the cove is so very private and you can wade out in the water for what feels like forever because it never gets too deep. 
And if we were feeling extremely adventuresome, we would have driven up to Levera on the Northern tip of the island so that we could gaze out at the little islands to the North while enjoying the peace and quiet.
It's 3:00pm you say?  Well then I should be heading over to the Limes field for some non-stop fun with my kids.  I tell you you've never seen happy until you've seen Kyla's face light up as she skips out to see you.  Her smile melts even the toughest boy's heart.

It's getting close to 6:00pm. As the day winds down, there's just enough time to get down to the beach to watch one of the many beautiful sunsets over the Caribbean Sea.
Yes, I miss it.  I miss it all.  And I miss it terribly.  We left for Grenada one year ago and as quickly as I snapped my fingers, it was over.

It's so hard to move forward, when all I really want to do is go back.


  1. :( I think you read my mind.
    this was an awesome post.
    come to michigan please