Jun 3, 2012

Letters from Limes

My best friend Julie did the sweetest thing for me.  She gave me something that I will treasure forever.  Notes from my Limes babies. 

She, with the help of other Limes volunteers had the kids write me notes while I was home in CA for a week back in April.  I went to visit her this weekend in Santa Clarita to help her with wedding crafts and she gave me all the notes with a photo album of some of my favorite pictures of the kids from the past year. 

I would be lying if I didn't admit that it made me miss them even more than I already do, but I'm still so happy to have them.

Naomi loved the snack :)

The Rocket ship turned turkey?!?!

You IS the best teacher ever.....melt my heart Mikel
And what was the most hilarious one of the bunch....
I THINK it's a person!
Who drew this beautiful card might you ask??  Miguel of course. :)

It hurt my heart so much to leave these children, but I'm delusional if I think that us leaving doesn't affect the kids as well.  Some of them are hurting just like I am.
They are still missing you Miss Kelsey.
Thank you Julie for my sweet letters.  You have no idea how much I love them.


  1. They were SO cute writing your letters! And no doubt about it they miss you just as much as you miss them! They love you soo soo much!

  2. So sweet Steph! I loved reading them all.
    I miss you too! :(