Jul 3, 2012

A Colorful Day

On Saturday morning, my friend Liz and I did something super RAD!  We ran the Color Me Rad 5K race in Bakersfield, in what felt like 90 degree heat, while people chucked dyed corn starch at us along the way.  Sounds like fun right?!? 

Actually, it was  A LOT of fun! 

It may have taken an entire bar of soap to get the paint off....along with about three layers of skin.  And I may have looked a little Smurf-like for the rest of the day due to blue paint that didn't quite come all the way off until shower #3, but it was a blast. 
Here are some pictures from the run.  If you are interested in doing one yourself, check out this link HERE. They are happening all over the country.
Squeaky Clean

So many people!!!

And they're off

Totally colored rad!

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