Jun 12, 2012

Weekend With Friends

This past weekend, I headed South to my college town of Long Beach to visit my high school friends.  Is it funny that many of my high school friends ended up living in my college town?  I think it is.  Anyway, the purpose of the weekend was to celebrate my friend Katie who is moving up North to Santa Rosa for a new job.  And I just love a reason to celebrate with some of my very best friends.  So I left my hubby studying at home and spent the weekend in Southern California with my girlfriends.
My Scooty and me :)

Katie (the girl of the weekend!)

Highschool buddies

On Saturday evening we went to The Ranch in Anaheim, a country restaurant and line dancing club.  It was perfect for all of us country Bakersfield gals.  I am now seriously considering seeking out line dancing classes.  It was SO. MUCH. FUN.

Liz, Katie, Me, Tristen

Tristen and Me!

And don't worry, Josh got to take a study break and go out for Brandon's birthday on Saturday night too!  Poor guy has been stuck in his mancave for far to long.

Josh's new BFF Andrew
On Sunday morning, Liz, Katie, and I met up with the Golden-Grant's for breakfast.  We hadn't seen them since the wedding in April and it was so nice to catch up on how married life has been for the newlyweds.

It was a fun weekend, but I'll be glad when I can go out of town with Josh in tow.  This studying for the USMLE is just no fun, for either of us.

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  1. *sigh* totally feel you. Studying is terrible. But, when he's all done you get to have FUN!!!!!

    I'm so glad you know line dancing. I did the Boot Scootin' Boogie for B once and he laughed at me. I thought everyone knew it....I grew up in Utah so...I guess we are a little more "country" than those SoCal folks. :)