May 31, 2012

Littlest Sister is 21

On Monday, my babyest sister Anna turned 21 years old.  I can't believe the last Fairman child is now 21!  It was a rare weekend where all four of us were in town and so we wanted to do something extra special for Anna.  Rachel had to leave Monday afternoon to head back to Santa Barbara for work and so we decided to celebrate Anna's birthday on Sunday.  However, this posed some problems for us because she wouldn't technically be 21 until midnight and since it was a Sunday, most bars weren't opened much past that. 

But, Bert, Rachel, and I devised a suprise plan.  We had Anna and a few friends meet at my brother's house around 9:00pm with the intention of "hanging out."
Me, Anna, and Rachel

All four of the Fairman siblings

At 9:30pm, the SURPRISE showed up!
Her chariot for the evening!
We decided the best way to take her out for her special eveing since she couldn't buy a drink until midnight was to drive around in a limo for a few hours.  We had so much fun.
Katie and Anna: BFF's since they were like 2!

Bert and Jake: BFF's since they were like 4!

At midnight, we had the driver stop at a bar in Bakersfield so that Anna could order her first drink ever!  There weren't many people there, but the ones that were made her night extra special and helped contribute to her hangover the next morning. :)
The Gang plus Artie...our limo driver

We had SUCH a fun night.  And Anna's 21st birthday ended just the way it should have, with her older brother practically carrying her into the house. :)
Love ya sis!

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