May 7, 2012

Sand Dollars, Star Fish, and Significant Others

I've been trying to soak up every last ounce of "island" life that I can before we leave.  However, the weather apparently hasn't heard that I'm leaving soon and so it's been particularly uncooperative the past few days.  The 7 day forecast says "chance of thunderstorms" every day.  Boo. 

But on Saturday, a few of my best SO buddies headed over to Grand Anse for some fun in the sun.  The water was the clearest I've seen it with hardly any waves, perfect for snorkeling around to look for sea goodies.  And since I'm one of very few of my friends who are willing to dive for sea treasures, I hit the jackpot in "dollars."  Too bad these won't buy me anything!
Thanks to Mrs. Kara Manis for all my beautiful pictures from the day.

I had at least 3 or 4 more, but I accidentally crushed them before making it back to my towel.
And then I came across something I'd never personally found before.  A beautiful orange starfish!
Kelsey would be so proud of me.

Jessie also found a little baby starfish that happened to be missing a leg. Don't fret, I hear they grow back.

Look at that water!
It's not helping me any that Josh is so very excited to be done here in Grenada.  I guess it's not really his fault.  His year here and my year here have been completely different, a tale of two island lives if you will.  While I've been enjoying the sunshine, waterfalls, beaches, pools, and volunteering, Josh has been locked in the house studying.  This year has made me look more like a local, while he is paler than when we got here last June and about 20lbs lighter.  Poor guy, I guess I can't blame him for being ready to leave.  But his eagerness to get off this rock just makes me more depressed.  Maybe he just needs a few weeks away from it to help him appreciate it more.  I on the other hand...don't.  I know how special Grenada is and I don't want to let go.

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  1. Looks like it was a profitable outing as far as sea treasures go! Grand Anse never disappoints! Do you think you will make it to the beach again before you head back to the States? I would love for you to bring me home some sand. A 1/2 cup or less in a baggie would do nicely! And, "No," I'm not kidding. I want to mix it in a jar with some little shells I collected at La Sagesse. It's for my bathroom.

    See you soon.