May 19, 2012

Studying Commences...AGAIN

It's been a little over a week since I last blogged.  So much has changed in just over 7 days and yet it's still the same, because Josh is still studying.  Josh and I are home.  Home as in Bakersfield, CA, not Grenada.  So much of me still feels like Grenada is home, I suppose it always will be in a way. 

Getting ready to board the plane.
Last picture in Grenada.

We flew out Monday morning and I really wanted to yell at the sleeping student in the window seat next to me.  She never opened her window shade so that I could catch one last glimpse of my island as we took off into the clouds.  I almost woke her up to ask her to open the window for me...almost.  But as the wife of a medical student, I figured she'd had a rough week of late night studying and needed the rest.  Now that we are back in California, I wish I'd just asked.

Josh only took two days off once we got home to relax before studying for the Step 1 commenced.  He began Thursday morning and has 12 hour study days planned from now until July 18th.  No Joke.  He is locked in his Californian "mancave" only to take breaks when he's in need of food or a little exercise.
"Mancave" study station

Hard at work.

This book is like his bible for the USMLE.
  Only 52 days more to go. God help us. 

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  1. *sigh* I am so familiar with the site of First Aid books. In fact, I'm staring at one right now. Good luck to Josh!! And maybe I'll see you in Bakersfield later????