Feb 10, 2012

Josh's 26th Birthday

Yesterday, Josh turned 26 years old.  He's not a big fan of overdone birthdays, and I am finally learning to respect his wishes and not try to go over-the-top with birthday celebrations.  It's practically impossible to go over the top in Grenada anyway.

Josh spent his morning at the psychiatric hospital (no not for personal reasons haha) and then spent the rest of the day studying.  He did take the night off to have one of his favorite meals, baked potato soup, with our friends Julie and Kevin and a special birthday treat.

Birthday Brownie with chocolate frosting and crushed Butterfinger.
And even though Grenada doesn't have much when it comes to "shopping," I was able to find something that I thought my birthday boy would like.

 Yes, my 26 year old husband is now the proud owner of an authentic Grenadian machete.  Lord help us!

1 comment:

  1. Josh - happy birthday - don't kill anything - and besides it's not a baseball bat!!! You better go out with some natives and learn the tricks of the trade - maybe you can hunt for dinner and cook some Iguana - I know Stephanie would like that!!

    Father Rob