Feb 4, 2012

I Hope You Dance

Last night Josh, Kevin, Julie, and I went out to Prickly Bay for some pizza and live music.  Fifth term has been relatively light in comparison to last term, but I expect that's about to change and so we are enjoying the extra time Josh has had together.

Josh is not typically up for dancing and so I was surprised when HE suggested we dance.  We ended up dancing the night away.  He was swinging and twirling and lifting me all over the place and I just loved it.  It was one of the best nights out we've had in a long time.

Sometimes, you just gotta dance.


  1. So cute.. Glad you both had a fun night out together!!!

  2. Stephanie you look so beautiful!! Grenada is good to you :) I wish I was there... and that Josh would dance with me because there is no way Lee would. lol