Feb 7, 2012

Independence Day...

...Grenadian Style.

Today marked Grenada's 38 year anniversary of independence.  And I don't know if it's because Grenada's years of independence are relatively few, or if it's because people have a serious love and pride in their country, but either way, these people know how to ROCK independence day.  I've never seen so much red, yellow, and green in one place.

And ya know what?  I live in Grenada.  I think by default that makes me "Grenadian" this year.  So I celebrated with them, just the way the locals do.

Julie and I and a bunch of my SO friends went up to the National Stadium in St. George's to take part in the Independence Day festivities, complete with men on stilts, dancing, the Royal Police Force, the Prime Minister, and paratroopers landing amid the crowd

Red, Yellow, and Green from Head to Toe

They stood in their uniforms for almost two hours.  At least 7 people passed out and were taken by stretcher off the field.  Apparently, this is normal. -TIG

A sea of red, yellow, and green.
And we ran into one of my favorite Limes families amid the crowd.  Remember Deanna?  Well this is her mother Jill, and older sisters Jivy and Brianna.  They were decked out in their Grenadian best and I just couldn't get enough of them all.
Jill, Deanna, Jivona, Brianna

They are stunning right?

 The show ended with parachuters falling from the sky onto the stadium field.  Oh yea, and a rainbow.  This is Grenada afterall.

Happy 38th Independence Day Grenada!

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  1. Looks like a unique celebration and a ton of fun. Happy Birthday, Grenada! I like your style!

    Love from your Mom